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Embee Technologies is a leading integrator of wireless solutions for your voice, video and data needs. Whether those needs stretch across the street, down the road, within a campus, or even beyond the capabilities of your existing IT infrastructure, our team can help. We provide reliable, redundant backups or secondary sources for your network. Gigabit connectivity can be swiftly established for healthcare organizations, commercial enterprises and educational institutions, no matter how data-intensive or latency-sensitive.

Point to Point Wireless Solutions

Getting interference in your signal? Too much traffic for your network to handle? Do you have security concerns? Are your operating costs rising beyond your budget? We can help. Our team will work with you to establish wireless, interference-free connectivity. Embee’s dynamic wireless radios can connect new or existing facilities, whether temporary or permanent, to create one core network that is both more efficient and secure.

If you’re interested in a wireless installation, or have any questions or concerns about your current network, Embee Technologies can offer a custom solution to your unique connection needs.

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